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Traffic Management Center

Managing traffic to speed you on your way
With two facilities and centralized operations, the Traffic Management Center of Florida's Turnpike controls, monitors, operates and manages traffic along Florida's Turnpike and all system roadways 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Located at the Turnpike Operations Center in Pompano Beach (mile post 65) and at the Turkey Lake Headquarters complex in Orlando (mile post 263), the Traffic Management Center employs a dedicated staff trained to monitor and respond to the changing traffic conditions along Florida's Turnpike. The staff works closely with the Florida Highway Patrol, the State Farm Safety Patrol, Florida Department of Transportation districts, the statewide 511 traveler information service, contracted tow service companies, traffic media, construction and maintenance personnel, the Public Information Office and other agencies to provide you with accurate and timely information.

The center operates intelligent transportation system field devices to enhance safety, services and traffic flow, and monitors traffic through 536 Closed Circuit TV Cameras (526 mounted on roadside concrete poles and 10 located on existing microwave towers along the roadway). In addition, the Traffic Management Center operates 113 Dynamic Message Signs, 16 Highway Advisory Radio transmitters and six CB RAS transmitters to help disseminate information to Florida's Turnpike customers.

Traffic-Management Partners
The Traffic Management Center (TMC) works hand-in-hand with other departments within Florida's Turnpike to ensure complete customer satisfaction including:
  • Roadway Maintenance - The TMC requests emergency roadway maintenance and works with the Florida Highway Patrol in our RISC (Rapid Incident Scene Clearance) Program to clear incidents within 90 minutes as part of Florida's Turnpike's Open Roads Policy and our TARR (Towing and Roadside Repair) Program to provide timely roadside response by our contractual towing vendors
  • Facilities and Telecommunications - Toll facilities experiencing problems after regular work hours will submit work order requests through the TMC. In emergencies, the TMC operator will contact the appropriate agencies and advise them of the problem.
  • Public Information Office - If you require assistance regarding Florida's Turnpike or the roadways, you can contact the 24 hour toll free phone number, (800) 749-7453.