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Traveler Information
Dynamic Message Signs

Did you see the signs?
Dynamic Message Sign

Currently, Florida's Turnpike has installed 113 Dynamic Message Signs along the Turnpike Mainline; the Beachline Expressway (Toll 528) in Orlando; SR 429; SR 417; SR 869: SR 570, and SR 589. These electronically illuminated signs are strategically placed in locations where you may experience traffic congestion and incidents.

The signs, contained in overhead structures spanning the width of the roadway, provide real-time information about traffic delays, incidents, emergency operations and construction, allowing you to make better informed travel decisions. During major incidents, the first priority of the Turnpike's Traffic Management Center, which operates the signs 24 hours per day, seven days a week, is to provide you with accurate information as quickly as possible. When traffic conditions don't warrant a motorist response or there is no other information to communicate, the signs can broadcast safety messages about ongoing campaigns such as fl511, the "Move-Over" law and other public safety information.