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  SunPass Transponder Updates  
Convenience made easy - Purchase SunPass online
Stay in the comfort of your own home to buy a SunPass for a friend or family member. You can now purchase any SunPass transponder online. Whether you are looking to buy a new Mini or Portable transponder, just visit and have it shipped directly to you, or sent directly to someone else. SunPass is about savings, so don't worry, no additional costs or shipping charges apply. The road to savings is just a click away.


The choice is yours - Replenish your SunPass account with cash or credit
More cash replenishment locations will be available soon for those who prefer a cash method to replenish their SunPass account balance. SunPass is currently working with vendors to have kiosks in hundreds of local stores near you, allowing customers to add cash funds to their SunPass. This gives you the control of timing when you add funds to your account, and the method of payment to do so.

Many customers also enjoy the convenience of using the EasyPay method, where a credit card is linked to your account for automatic replenishment. This is a great option to choose for those that prefer to have the replenishment automated without having to monitor your account balance.

Whichever you choose
Remember to keep your SunPass account information correct and up-to-date. 
This includes your vehicle(s), license plate(s), credit card information, home address and email address. Maintaining an up-to-date SunPass account will help ensure you do not receive any service interruptions or unnecessary toll violations.

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