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SunPass Mini


The SunPass Mini is the most recent addition into the SunPass family and continues to remain a popular favorite among Florida drivers. As small as a credit card, this less expensive transponder option also gives you the power to travel Florida's toll roads without stopping to pay a toll.

The SunPass Mini is priced at just $4.99. Once properly activated, you will receive $4.99 in complimentary toll credits toward your prepaid account, making this transponder kinda-sorta-free!

The SunPass Mini uses a microchip technology, which eliminates the need for batteries. So while you will not hear a beep while passing through a toll plaza, you can rest assured your toll has been collected as long as your account is up to date and your transponder is properly mounted.

To help you monitor your account balance, SunPass will send Mini customers an electronic message to the email address listed in the activated account profile once the balance drops to $10.00. You can also obtain your account status or toll activity, by visiting or calling 1-888-TOLL-FLA (865-5352). Please make sure to keep your account up to date, including your email address, so you can receive and access this valuable information.

Don't forget - the SunPass Mini is not portable and must be permanently adhered to the inside of your vehicle's glass windshield. Since the SunPass Mini must be adhered to a glass windshield to function correctly, it will not work on motorcycles.

The SunPass Portable is still available at SunPass retailers so you can choose which transponder best suits your driving needs. For more information on SunPass transponders visit

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