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  SunPass Transponder Updates  

With many transponder options available, there is a SunPass model to suit everyone's needs.

The SunPass Mini
For those who prefer a smaller transponder with a lower out-of-pocket cost, the SunPass Mini is the perfect choice to get you traveling conveniently on Florida's toll roads and bridges. It is priced at just $4.99, and provides $4.99 in toll credits upon activation. The SunPass Mini is not portable and must be permanently adhered to the inside of your vehicle's glass windshield to function correctly.

The SunPass Portable
For those who prefer the mobility of a SunPass transponder, the SunPass Portable is also available. And now for the first time, customers can enjoy portability without the hassle of replacing batteries. The battery-free SunPass Portable functions without lights and sounds, and will be in stores beginning this winter.

The new Portable includes the latest eGo technology which will allow it to be used with more tolling systems in the future. The new Portable will replace the existing Portable and will be available at the same retail locations at the unchanged price of $24.99.

The biggest winner in the transition to the new SunPass Portable is the environment. The waste of hundreds of thousands of batteries can now be prevented, in addition to carbon emissions reduced by simply using your SunPass in lieu of idling in the cash lanes This makes portability, not just convenient, but also green!

Whichever transponder you choose
Remember to keep your SunPass account information correct and up-to-date.  This includes your vehicle(s) license plate(s), credit card information, home address and email address. Maintaining an up-to-date SunPass account will help ensure you do not receive any service interruptions or unnecessary toll violations. SunPass also offers an EasyPay automatic replenishment program to keep you traveling worry-free on the roadways.

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