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  The SunPass Mini, Newer, Smaller and Kinda, Sorta Free!  


The SunPass Mini is available statewide! At a mere 2.5" x 3" and as thin as a credit card, you'll hardly know it's there except when you're breezing down Florida's toll roads without stopping to pay tolls. Easily affixed to your car's windshield, the SunPass Mini also saves you 25% at most toll plazas and allows parking at Orlando International Airport.

This new transponder option allows SunPass customers to take advantage of the ultra thin microchip technology within the Mini. The SunPass Mini is not portable and must be permanently affixed to the inside of a glass windshield in order to function. Once the SunPass Mini is removed from a windshield, it will not work. Although the SunPass Mini does not beep when passing through a plaza, you can check your account balance at any time at or by calling the Customer Service Center at 1-888-TOLL-FLA. Additionally, an automatic email will be sent to the SunPass Mini registered email address on file if your account balance drops below $10.00.

You can purchase the new SunPass Mini at most Publix, CVS, Sedano's and Navarro stores, as well as at Turnpike service plazas for $4.99. Customers who complete the registration process will receive a $4.99 credit towards their prepaid toll account balance, making the new transponder kinda, sorta free!

The SunPass Portable is also still available for purchase and use, allowing customers the option to choose which transponder best suits their needs.

Please note that because the SunPass Mini must be adhered to glass in order to function, it will not work on most motorcycles.

For more information on SunPass transponders click here.

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