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Turnpike Safety
Toll Plaza Safety

Motorists approaching a toll plaza on Florida's Turnpike should slow to the posted speed and should remain conscious of other motorists who may be approaching the plaza as well.  Be alert for motorists who may be weaving for a particular lane and for the merging of traffic on the downstream side of the plaza. 

Most toll plazas on Florida's Turnpike contain special lanes marked SunPass Only. These lanes are reserved for vehicles equipped with SunPass, the state of Florida's method of electronic toll collection.  SunPass Only lanes are identified by white and yellow signs in advance of, and eventually over the SunPass Only lanes.  A motorist who enters a SunPass Only lane, without a SunPass, may be subject to a toll violation warning or a uniform traffic citation. 

Never get out of your vehicle at a toll facility.

Do not back up--this is illegal and very dangerous.

If you feel you have passed through a SunPass-Only lane by mistake, contact the SunPass operations center directly at 888-865-5352. 

If you are interested in becoming a SunPass customer please call 888-865-5352 or go to www.sunpass.com