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Patrick Muench, P.E.
District Design Engineer

Orlando Headquarters
Turkey Lake Service
Plaza, Milepost 263
Ocoee, FL 34761

"Assure the quality, safety, and maintainability of the Florida's Turnpike Enterprise System while assisting in the delivery of cost effective and constructable projects."


Turnpike Drainage Requirements

Turnpike Supplement to the FDOT Drainage Manual (posted 01/31/2019)

Turnpike Drainage Report Outlines

Pond Siting Report (posted 01/11/2019)

Location Hydraulics Report

Bridge Hydraulics Report (posted 01/11/2019)

Drainage Design Documentation (60% through Final Phase Submittal) (posted 01/11/2019)

Location Hydraulics Technical Memorandum (posted 05/03/2018)

Stormwater Management Concepts Report (15%) (posted 05/30/2017)

Stormwater Management Alternatives Report (30%) (posted 05/30/2017)

Stormwater Management Design Report (45% and ERP) (posted 01/11/2019)

Turnpike Drainage Design Tools

Drainage Design Checklist (posted 01/01/2018)

Drainage Design Kickoff Overview

Type K Barrier Wall Design Aid

Turnpike Drainage Connection Permits (KMZ File) (posted 12/04/2018)

Other Drainage Manuals and Design Tools

FDOT Drainage Manuals, Handbooks, and Design Tools

FDOT Drainage Connection Permits

Stormwater Treatment Analysis Model (BMPTRAINS)

FDOT PD&E Manual

FHWA Hydraulics Engineering Publications

FHWA Hydraulics Engineering Software

ACOE Hydraulics Engineering Software

NRCS WIN TR-55 Watershed Hydrology Software

Links to Related Sites

FDOT Drainage Section

Miami-Dade County Wellfield Protection Areas Map

Broward County Wellfield Map

Palm Beach County Wellfield Map

FDEP Map Direct

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Service Center

United States Geological Survey (USGS)

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) On-line Soil Survey Maps

Turnpike Lighting Reports Outlines

Lighting Design Analysis Report Template

Links to Related Sites

Florida Building Code

Railroad Coordination Information

Contact the Turnpike Rail Coordinator, Deanna Campbell, at (407) 264-3420 for information to obtain a Railroad Safety Certificate and a copy of the local Railroad Roadmaster list.

Notice to those working in and around Railroad Rights of Way:

It is unlawful to be within any Railroad Right of Way, for any field collection activity, without a current Railroad Safety Certificate and notice to the local Railroad Roadmaster. Failure to comply is a criminal offense and could result in arrest, liability for any damage to Railroad property, or worse, loss of life.

Links to Related Sites

FDOT Freight and Multimodal Operations (FMO) Office

Turnpike Roadway Design Tools and Sample Documents

KMZ Deliverable Standards (posted 01/01/2018)

Sample Typical Section Package Signature Page ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 4/18/2016)

Typical Section Package Checklist (posted 01/09/2018)

Typical Section Package Guidance (posted 06/11/2018)

30% Checklist (posted 01/09/2018)

60% Checklist (posted 01/09/2018)

90% Checklist (posted 01/09/2018)

Turnpike Design Exceptions and Variations Tools and Sample Documents

Request for Turnpike Design Exceptions and Variations Documentation Checklist (posted 05/14/2018)

Guidance for Preparing and Submitting Turnpike Design Exception and Variation (posted 05/14/2018)

Turnpike Benefit Cost (B/C) Analysis Spreadsheet (posted 05/14/2018)

Sample Design Variations

Sample Design Exceptions

Turnpike Pavement Design Guides, Tools and Sample Documents

Pavement Design Report Table of Contents (posted 10/04/2016)

Sample Pavement Design Report

Pavement Coring and Evaluation Report Table of Contents

Flexible Pavement Design Checklist (posted 01/09/2018)

Other Roadway Design Manuals and Design Tools

FDOT Design Manual (FDM)

FDOT Florida Greenbook

FDOT Flexible Pavement Design Manual

FDOT Rigid Pavement Design Manual

FDOT Standard Plans

FHWA Mitigation Strategies for Design Exceptions

Links to Related Sites

FDOT Office of Design

FDOT Pavement Management Section

AASHTO Subcommittee on Design

USDOT Federal Highway Administration

Transportation Reasearch Board (TRB)

Turnpike Specifications Tools

Turnpike Specifications QA/QC Checklist

Links to Related Sites

FDOT Specifications

Content coming

Turnpike Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Turnpike Lane Closure Policy (FTE Policy #0006) (effective date 05/25/2017)

Turnpike Lane Closure Guidelines (Supplement to FTE Policy #0006) (posted 8/31/2016)

Turnpike U-Turn Policy (FTE Policy #0008) (effective date 05/25/2017)

Turnpike Traffic Operations Reference Documents and Tools

High Crash Segment Locations Memo October 2018 (posted 11/28/2018)

High Crash Ramp Locations Memo November 2018 (posted 11/28/2018)

Other Traffic Operations Reference Documents and Tools

FDOT Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan

FDOT Florida Traffic Online

FDOT Florida Traffic Safety Portal

Crash Modification Factors Clearinghouse

Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM)

Roadside Safety Analysis Program (RSAP)

Enhanced Interchange Safety Analysis Tool (ISAT)

Predictive Crash Analysis
Contact the Turnpike Safety Engineer, H. Walker, at (407) 264-3257 for assistance or guidance on using HSM, IHSDM, RSAP and ISATe Spreadsheet.

Links to Related Sites

FDOT Traffic Engineering and Operations Office

FDOT State Safety Office

AASHTO Highway Safety Manual

Documents & Publications

Design Criteria and Standards

Turnpike Design Handbook (TDH)

As part of the Turnpike's continuing quality enhancement effort, the Turnpike Design Handbook (TDH) that includes Parts 1, 2 and 3, and the Turnpike Enterprise Guide Drawings, has been developed to provide consultants, reviewers and management with a single source of additional Turnpike-specific requirements that modify or add to the requirements included in the FDOT Design Manual (FDM).

Turnpike Supplement to the FDOT Structures Manual (posted 01/31/2019)

The Turnpike Supplement to the FDOT Structures Manual provides Turnpike-specific revisions to the FDOT Structures Manual.

Turnpike Supplement to the FDOT Drainage Manual (posted 01/31/2019)

The Turnpike Supplement to the FDOT Drainage Manual provides Turnpike-specific revisions to the FDOT Drainage Manual.

General Tolling Requirements (GTR)

The purpose of the General Tolling Requirements (GTR) is to serve as the main source of tolling requirements for various project delivery methods such as Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, and Design-Build-Finance projects.

Turnpike Landscape Brand Guidelines

A list of important criteria that serves as the foundation for creating a unique LANDSCAPE BRAND for all Florida's Turnpike roadways.

Turnpike Design Criteria Archives

Design Sample Documents and Tools

Existing Roadway Condition Assessment Report (ERCAR) Sample Outline (posted 05/03/2018)

ERCAR Crash Data Table Templates
ERCAR Sign Inventory Photo Log Guidelines
ERCAR Sign Inventory Photo Log Template

The ERCAR should include the evaluation of all elements against new construction criteria. The sample outline includes the major components that should be evaluated under an ERCAR. It is expected that the designer will modify the outline as appropriate for the project.

Worksheet for Contribution In Aid for Construction (CIAC) Cost Estimates (posted 01/07/2019)

CIAC Worksheet Sample
CIAC Worksheet Explained

When SP6390100CIAC is used in projects that require the procurement of new electrical services, the associated Contribution In Aid for Construction cost estimate is a coordination challenge. This tool can facilitate the coordination with UAOs as well as the project team to ensure all disciplines are included in the estimate.

Reference Documents

Hydroplaning Crash Study and Mitigation Strategies (posted 11/12/2018)

The information included in these Technical Memorandums is for reference only and has not been adopted or accepted as guidelines and does not supersede any FDOT or Turnpike design criteria.

Phase I Technical Memorandum
This memo includes an evaluation of the locations and frequency of hydroplaning crashes along Florida’s Turnpike facilities and identifies the specific characteristics of these crashes.

Phase II Technical Memorandum
This memo includes possible mitigation strategies to address identified hydroplaning locations and proposes guidelines to address hydroplaning risk during the design process.

Design-Build Projects - Summary of Dates for Governing Regulations Edition (posted 01/01/18)

Turnpike Design Handbook (TDH)

Current TDH

2019 TDH Part 1 (posted 01/31/2019)

2019 TDH Part 2 (posted 01/31/2019)

2019 TDH Part 3 (posted 01/31/2019)

2019 TDH Implementation Letter (posted 01/31/2019)

Guide Drawings


Guide Drawings Introduction ( PDF ) (posted 01/31/2019)


Lighting Guide Drawings ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 01/31/2019)


Emergency Crossover Design Guide Drawing ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 03/03/2004)

FC Inside Shoulder Detail ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 01/01/2018)

Maintenance Access Detail ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 05/03/2018)

MOT General Notes ( PDF ) (posted 01/31/2019)

W-Beam Guardrail Installations in Rock and In Mowing Strips ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 01/01/2018)


Noise Wall Maintenance Access Detail ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 06/01/2016)


Traffic Guide Drawings ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 01/31/2019)


ITS Permanent Generator Installation Guide Drawing ( PDF | CAD ) (posted 05/03/2018)

FDOT Design Manual (FDM)

General Tolling Requirements (GTR)

Access to the Turnpike General Tolling Requirements (GTR) is subject to a request for Public Records. Please see contact information below to make a Public Records request.
FDOT PUBLIC RECORDS CUSTODIAN: Florida Department of Transportation, Turnpike Enterprise - Office of the General Counsel, MP 263 Bldg. 5315, Ocoee, FL 34761;; 407-264-3171 - Section 119.12 (Florida Statutes) 2017.
For design consultants under an executed and active Turnpike contract please contact the Turnpike Project Manager.
Current GTR
2016 GTR Volume 1 Addendum No. 1 (3/03/2017)
2016 GTR Volume 2 Addendum No. 1 (3/03/2017)
2016 GTR Volume 1 (7/13/2016)
2016 GTR Volume 2 (7/13/2016)
Archived Editions of GTR
2015 GTR Volume 1 (11/2/2015)
2014 GTR (6/6/2014)
2013 GTR Addendum No. 1 (10/03/2013)
2013 GTR (7/1/2013)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any special requirements for Turnpike structures?

A: Yes. Structures criteria is found in both the Structures Manual and the FDOT Design Manual (FDM). Please refer to the Turnpike Supplement to the FDOT Structures Manual which addresses modifications/clarification to the requirements in the FDOT Structures Manual. The Turnpike Design Handbook (TDH) addresses modifications/clarifications to the requirements in the FDM.

Q: I have an existing bridge with a minimum vertical clearance between 16'-0" and 16'-6"? I intend to widen the bridge and maintain the existing vertical clearance. Is a Design Variation required?

A: No, this is allowed by FDM Table 260.6.1.

Q: I have an existing bridge with a minimum vertical clearance of 16'-4"? I intend to widen the bridge and reduce the existing vertical clearance to 16'-2". Is this acceptable?

A: No, this is not allowed on Turnpike projects. Please see TDH Section 260.6.

Q: What structures content should be included in an ERCAR?

A: Refer to the ERCAR Sample Outline which contains a detailed list of items to be addressed for structures.

Q: Where do I estimate structures hours for an ERCAR on the standard FDOT staff-hour forms?

A: Since the forms do not address structures ERCAR work, typically a very detailed comment is included on line 9.4 - Misc Common Details. The comment should describe each task with the number of hours required - there may be several tasks to be described. Any 'final design' work associated with the project should be shown on the proper bridge tabs (ex: expansion joint rehab on a medium span bridge should be shown on Tab 13).

Q: Where do I estimate hours for the design and detailing of toll gantries?

A: Please refer to the Turnpike General Tolling Requirements (GTR). Turnpike has created forms for the estimation of the structural design and detailing of gantries. A separate tab should be created for each gantry. The work estimated on these tabs should include the design and detailing effort for the Toll Equipment Structures (Gantries) and Foundations and provide a detailed breakdown of the tasks, sheets and hours in the comments. Totals should roll up to Tab 18 - Other Structures. All other associated gantry tasks should be included on Tab 31 - Architecture.

Q: I have new bridges and sign structures on my project, how do I obtain structure numbers?

A: Structure numbers are assigned by Turnpike Structures Maintenance. Please refer to the Sign Structure Number Assignment Form which should be submitted. The forms also have the contact information for coordination purposes.

Q: Since PDF files are required for submittal documents, is it ok to scan the hard-copy to PDF?

A: No, please print/plot/export to PDF format directly from the software used to create the files whenever possible. Scan hard copies only if absolutely necessary (ex: scan the signed/sealed cover page only, not the entire report). This is done to preserve the clarity of the image, reduce the file size and allow the use of Adobe's 'compare' feature.

Q: What office do we apply to for a Utility permit?

A: Utility Permit Applications should be submitted to the Turnpike Maintenance Office:

(US Postal Service - Regular Mail Only)
P.O. Box 9828
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310

(UPS, Fed-Ex or Courier)
Florida's Turnpike Enterprise
Turnpike Operations Center
Turnpike Milepost 65
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

(Note: It will show up as undeliverable in the address check systems. This is the correct address.)

Refer to the Turnpike Enterprise Business Permits website for additional contact information:

OR: submitted electronically through the One Stop Permitting System.

Q: For the purpose of setting up FAA accounts associated with project coordination, who from the Turnpike should be designated as the “Sponsor”?

A: For FAA accounts, designate the “Sponsor” as Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) with the Turnpike Production Project Manager identified as the “Attention of”.



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