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BROWARD COUNTY WIDENING PROGRAM, “Florida’s Turnpike …Growing with Broward County”

Last updated spring 2008

Altantic to Sawgras Public Meeting May 20, 2008PDF format
Sunrise to Atlantic Soundwall mapPDF format
Project Newsletter; Third Edition 2008 PDF format


In February 2006, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise kicked off a multi-phase, multi-million dollar road widening program in Broward County. After this program is complete a lane will be added to both the southbound and northbound directions of the Turnpike through Broward County, increasing the Turnpike’s capacity in Broward County from six travel lanes to eight. Currently this portion of the Turnpike experiences an average of 94,000 vehicles per day. Because this program encompasses over 25 miles of road and several interchanges it was broken into phases.

The first phase of the widening program is currently under construction along the 13 mile corridor of the southbound lanes between Griffin Road (Exit 53) and Atlantic Boulevard, (Exit 66) and it is expected to be completed in 2010. There is also work being done along the northbound lanes. The work on the east side of the Turnpike is Florida Gas Transmission Company’s utility line relocation. The utility lines are being moved further east on the Turnpike’s right of way.

You will notice construction on or near various arterial roadways. Because the Turnpike goes over, and in some cases runs under many local roadways there is major bridge work being conducted throughout this project. Bridges are being modified or rebuilt to accommodate the widening of the Turnpike.
Effects of bridge work to neighboring residents, at times, may result in noisy, vibratory type work. This work is monitored to assure the safety of the building foundations in the vicinity. It is also timed as feasibly as possible to avoid disruptions.
Affects of bridgework to the traveling public at times results in lane closures on local roads above or below the Turnpike. The following local roadways (from south to north) are currently affected by the Broward Widening Program:

Large Arrow (Construction) Signs, C-W1-6Orange Drive and Griffin Road over the Turnpike is being widened.BeamSettingGriffinRdDrivers will experience occasional lane closures.




Beam Setting at Griffin Road

Large Arrow (Construction) Signs, C-W1-6Peters Road is being reconstructed from SW 54th Avenue to SW 50th Avenue.
To assure student safety while this area is under construction the Turnpike has installed additional                caution signs and a crosswalk on the eastside of the bridge. Student safety is also being monitored by hired traffic cops, and crossing guards.

Large Arrow (Construction) Signs, C-W1-6Commercial Boulevard Commercial Boulevard will be reconstructed from NW 49th Avenue to NW 47th Terrace.  Drivers will experience occasional lane closures. Drivers will notice one lane exiting and one lane entering the Turnpike at the Commercial Boulevard toll plaza will be closed while the area surrounding the plaza is under construction.

BeamSettingCommercial beamsettingcommercialblvd2
Both photos show Beam setting at Commercial Blvd.

Large Arrow (Construction) Signs, C-W1-6State Road 7 / US 441 over the Turnpike is being widened. Drivers will experience occasional lane closures.TurnpikeOverSR7








Turnpike of State Road 7

Large Arrow (Construction) Signs, C-W1-6
Lyons Road / Northwest 31st Street
over the Turnpike is being widened and elevated.
              Drivers will experience occasional lane closures.

grassLandscaping is one of the final phases of the project. Details on landscape are forthcoming.

Sound wallsSoundWalls

Turnpike Traffic Noise Video

Just north of Griffin Road and south of Peters on the Turnpike there will be construction impacts from improvement projects on I-595. For more information about the I-595 project please refer to www.i-595.com.

Road Work Ahead Signs, C-W21-4PHASE TWO, NORTHBOUND LANES BETWEEN SUNRISE BOULEVARD (MILEPOST 58) AND              ATLANTIC BOULEVARD (EXIT 66) Phase two will be advertised for contractors to bid late May 2008

               (MILEPOST 55 ) Phase three will be advertised for contractors to bid late March 2009


Open Road Tolling (ORT) conversion at the Cypress Creek Toll Plaza was completed this February and is now open to traffic. ORT, at Cypress Creek, allows SunPass customers to remain at near highway speed while having their tolls deducted fromtheir prepaid accounts. CypressCreekORT

Cypress Creek ORT

Park n Ride A “park n ride lot” off the Turnpike’s Sunrise Blvd southbound (Exit 58) was open to the public. To access the lot you must be exiting the Turnpike at Sunrise Blvd. heading northbound. This lot is for commuters parking and is not available for commercial or long term parking. If this lot is not the most convenient for you, please call 1-800-234-ride or log onto www.1800234ride.com for a list of other “park n ride lots” in Broward County.

tree Tree Relocation
Where feasible, Florida’s Turnpike will work with local agencies to relocate certain species of trees. If you are an agency which has the interest in joining the Turnpike on a future tree relocation project please e-mail nichole.kalil@dot.state.fl.us to request details. Below are a few examples of areas where tree relocates have been successful.

  • Along Griffin Road and the Turnpike 9 Royal Palms were donated to the City of Lauderdale Lakes.PalmsNearGriffinRoad







  • Along Peters Road and the Turnpike 20 Sable Palms were donated to the City of Plantation.
  • Along the mainline on Turnpike in Broward County over 200 native trees were donated and planted in various areas through Broward County, such as Quiet Waters Park.
    • Along Lyons Road and the Turnpike two Gumbo Limbos and seven Sable Palms were donated and planted to an area park in the City Lauderdale Lakes.    turnpikeTreesNewHome     

    Public Information Office for the BROWARD COUNTY WIDENING PROGRAM
    Florida’s Turnpike does as much as possible to minimize inconveniences for the residents, motorists and businesses that will and are being affected by the widening program. Due to the magnitude of this program please note there will be some unavoidable but temporary inconveniences. Residents, media, motorists and businesses please call the Public Information Officer for the Broward County Widening Program at 954-321-8102 or email: nichole.kalil@dot.state.fl.us. for additional information regarding the Turnpike widening program in Broward County.