Florida's Turnpike

Designation of the Florida's Turnpike 

as part of the "Ronald Reagan Turnpike" System

close up of designation sign installation of Ronald Reagan designation sign

1998 Florida Legislature, Senate Bill 1014

              WHEREAS, Ronald Wilson Reagan was the 40th President
of the United States of America, and WHEREAS, President Reagan
was one of the United States' greatest and most beloved presidents and
a true world leader, and WHEREAS, through his leadership and refusal
to compromise, President Reagan won the Cold War for America and
virtually eliminated the threat of nuclear holocaust for all  Americans, and
WHEREAS, through his success in finding peace through strength, fewer
Florida servicemen and servicewomen are placed in harm's way, and
WHEREAS, President Reagan's economic policies brought Florida and
the nation out of double-digit inflation and economically crushing high interest
rates into 92 consecutive months of economic growth, and WHEREAS,
President Reagan's unbridled optimism gives Floridians and the nation cause
to feel better about ourselves, and WHEREAS, his leadership encourages a
rediscovery of the values upon which our forefathers founded this nation, and
WHEREAS, his unending cause for freedom represents the liberty to travel
about our state and nation's highway system, and WHEREAS, the people of
Florida desire to honor President Reagan in the State of Florida, the Department
of Transportation is directed to erect suitable markers designating the
"Ronald Reagan Turnpike" as described in subsection (1).

         (1)  The Florida Turnpike consisting of the 312 contiguous miles of
limited-access toll highway stretching from Florida City, where South Dade
County meets the Florida Keys, continuing northward through 11 counties,
including the greater metropolitan areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West
Palm Beach, and Orlando, and ending at a junction with Interstate 75 in North
Central Florida is hereby designated as the "Ronald Reagan Turnpike."

The Florida Turnpike installed 20 signs along the 312-mile Turnpike mainline: four 12-foot-by-5-foot dual post signs; 16  4-foot-by-4-foot single post signs.

Sign Locations:   Northbound signage:

  • MP 0 beginning of Turnpike in Florida City

  • MP 10 Homestead Mainline Toll

  • MP 1X Golden Glades Toll Plaza 

  • MP 58 Fort Lauderdale

  • MP 75 Glades Road, Boca Raton

  • MP 150 Fort Pierce

  • MP 225 Canoe Creek Service Plaza

  • MP 255 Orlando 

  • MP 309 exiting Turnpike

Southbound signage:

  • MP 309 beginning of Turnpike

  • MP 288 Leesburg Mainline Toll Plaza

  • MP 255 Orlando

  • MP 225 Canoe Creek Service Plaza

  • MP 150 Fort Pierce

  • MP 109 PGA Boulevard

  • MP 75 Glades Road Boca Raton

  • MP 58 Fort Lauderdale

  • MP 37 Interstate 75

  • MP 21 Kendall Drive

  • MP 0 Exiting Turnpike